Getting a local SIM is key for connectivity but Israel’s mobile market lacks clarity. This guide from locals simplifies SIM purchases in Jerusalem. We’ll cover carriers, locations, pricing, and more to empower you with the right SIM upon arrival based on your location and needs.

How to Buy A SIM Card in Jerusalem

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Jerusalem?

Choosing a mobile operator in Jerusalem can feel overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of the top players to help you find the perfect fit:

Mobile Operator in Israel Coverage Speed Plans
Pelephone Excellent coverage throughout Jerusalem, including the Old City. Offers the fastest 5G network in most areas. Wide variety of data plans, including options with generous allowances and unlimited data options.
Cellcom Widespread coverage across Jerusalem, reliable for calls and texts. Offers good 4G+ speeds in most areas. Balanced data plans with options for moderate to heavy data users.
Orange Decent coverage in major areas of Jerusalem, might be limited in some outlying districts. Offers 4G+ speeds in most areas. Budget-friendly plans with smaller data allowances, ideal for light data users.

The “best” mobile operator depends on your needs. Pelephone reigns supreme for speed and extensive coverage. Cellcom offers a reliable middle ground. Orange is perfect for budget travelers with light data usage.

II. Best Jerusalem SIM Card and cost

Finding the best SIM card deal in Jerusalem can be tricky. Here’s a breakdown of popular options with data allowances and costs to help you choose:

Israel Prepaid SIM Data Validity Price (USD)
Cellcom 3GB - 500GB 7 - 30 days ~$25 - $49
HOT Mobile 20GB - 50GB 10 - 30 Days ~$14 - $33
Partner 10GB - 200GB 7 - 30 Days ~$13 - $44
Pelephone 125GB - 500GB 30 Days ~$16 - $27

Pelephone offers the most data for your money, ideal for heavy data users. Cellcom delivers a balanced option. Orange caters to budget travelers with lighter data needs.

III. Where to buy A SIM in Jerusalem

If you’re visiting Jerusalem and need to get a SIM card in Jerusalem, there are a few options for where to buy one: purchase a SIM at the airport or from carrier stores around the city center.

1. Getting a SIM Card at Jerusalem Airport

Staying connected in Jerusalem is a breeze with numerous options to acquire a local SIM card in Jerusalem Airport – Ben Gurion Airport. Here are some convenient locations:

  • 019 Mobile – They have a store located in the airport arrivals hall near the immigration counters. They offer various plans with data and minutes for different durations (8 days, 20 days, 35 days, etc). Prices range from $45-109 USD.
  • Steimatzky bookstore – This is a bookstore located in the airport arrivals hall that also sells SIM cards from the mobile operator Partner. They offer plans with data valid for 7 days, 10 days, or 30 days. A 25GB plan for 30 days costs $48 USD.

So in summary, the two places to purchase a SIM card when arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv are the 019 Mobile store and the Steimatzky book store, both located in the airport arrivals/arrival hall near immigration. Check Where to Buy SIM Card at Ben Gurion Airport for details and pricing for SIM plans offered at both locations.

Steimatzky bookstore Ben Gurion Airport

2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Jerusalem

Staying connected in Jerusalem is easy – acquiring a local SIM card in Jerusalem is a breeze with several convenient options:

  • Mobile Network Provider Stores: Examine different data plans and receive advice at Pelephone, Cellcom, or Corngee shops which are spread all over the city. Customers can benefit from this store as it carries a broader variety of plans than other alternatives. 
  • Convenience Stores: Several convenience stores in Jerusalem also sell prepaid SIM cards. If you choose an airport for your landing, this is a perfect way to get a SIM card in a minute, even if it is late in the evening when the airport is closed. Despite that, the available variety could be less than that of the exclusive stores that only provide their network mobile services. 

It’s best to check the coverage maps of each provider to ensure service where you’ll be spending most time. Many shopping areas and malls in Jerusalem will have SIM sales points. Just bring your passport for verification when purchasing.

IV. eSIM for Jerusalem travelers – A Smart Alternative


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Skip the hassle of finding and changing physical SIM cards during your trip. With eSIM from, you can set up an Israeli data plan right from your device before traveling to Jerusalem.

Here’s how Israel eSIM works:

  • Browse from home and choose an affordable pay-as-you-go data plan from any major Israeli provider like Cellcom, Partner, or Pelephone.
  • Purchase your plan online and the eSIM profile will be delivered digitally to your eSIM-enabled iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
  • When you land in Jerusalem, your Israeli data plan will already be activated. Now you can use maps, and social media without worrying about WiFi connections.
  • Roam freely around the historic sites and alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City with reliable 4G coverage. Stay connected seamlessly as you explore.
  • No need to visit stores to change physical SIM cards. eSIM from means your mobile plan goes wherever you go in Israel.

Sign up for eSIM from today and travel stress-free in Jerusalem with mobile data right at your fingertips. Reliable connectivity made simple!

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V. Things to prepare when buying SIM cards in Jerusalem

The smallest hurdle of buying the SIM card in Jerusalem becomes if you’re prepared for it. Here’s what to have ready for a smooth experience:

  • Unlocked Phone: Not to be locked to any SIM cards, phone should be unlocked for any provider. If you need to contact your carrier to unlock your phone before your trip, you should do so. 
  • Passport: Many of the retailers will ask you for your original passport which is the only way of your real identification as you register your SIM card in Jerusalem. This way, it makes waiting obsolete, which delays would otherwise be associated with it. 
  • Local Currency (NIS) or Credit Card: Though some stores may accommodate major credit cards, having some Israeli Shekel (NIS) or a credit card with international transaction fees waived will make the purchase hassle-free. 

Using a mobile phone might be the fastest way to unlock your cell and with your passport/preferred payment method, you are prepared to buy a SIM card in Jerusalem and tour all of the great cultural and historical spots in Jerusalem with a strong online connection!

VI. Tips and Recommendations To Buy A SIM Card In Jerusalem

Maintaining a vacationing connection in Jerusalem makes it easier for way finding, sharing experiences and documentation of memories. The following tips provide advice on buying a SIM card in Jerusalem:

  • Compare Data Plans: To get more data and comfortable plans offered by network operators such as Pelephone, Cellcom, and Orange just visit their website.  Besides getting the eSIM plans from
  • Consider an eSIM: eSIM is surely a decent option for those who like jamming gadgets but your phones are compatible. Online purchase before you leave, which means that you don’t have to worry about the physical SIM card and you can start using your phone as soon as you land. 
  • Bring Your Passport: The majority of service providers are obliged to have you present your identification, usually coming from your NIE, during SIM card registration. Instant message app can save you the most time and eliminate possible delays.  Therefore, your purchase will be quick and easy. 

Through the process of plan comparison, you will choose an eSIM and have your passport ready, so you are well on your way to overcoming the connectivity challenges in Jerusalem. 


Do I need anything special to buy a SIM card in Jerusalem?

You’ll typically need your passport to buy a SIM card in Jerusalem to verify your identity. Make sure to have a photocopy of your passport photo page as well. Some cellular stores may also ask to see proof of your local address as well.

How much do SIM cards typically cost?

Prepaid SIM cards in Jerusalem generally cost around 50-100 NIS ($15-30 USD). This price includes some initial data or call minutes to get you started. Make sure to check bundle options for the best value.

Can I use my existing phone with an Israeli SIM card?

Yes, as long as your phone is unlocked, you can pop in an Israeli SIM card and start using it. Make sure your phone supports the network frequencies in Israel.

Where are the best places to buy a SIM card in Jerusalem?

Popular locations to buy SIM card in Jerusalem include the cellular stores at major bus/taxi stations, shopping malls, and popular downtown areas. You can also buy them online through the carrier websites for delivery.

How do I top up my prepaid SIM card balance?

You can top up your prepaid SIM balance at cellular store kiosks, online via the carrier websites/apps, or through bank/ATM top up options. Top ups are usually in 10-50 NIS increments.

VIII. Conclusion

Now with your own phone number or an eSIM, you can immediately set foot in Jerusalem famous sites and traditions. Experience this journey in full, confidently get from one destination to the next and even share your memories with others; that’s what technology is about after all. Pick the choice that is suitable for you – eSIM or SIM card in Jerusalem and your budget and get prepared to conquer Jerusalem!