Choosing a mobile internet in Israel can be difficult with many options. This guide compares providers Cellcom, Partner, Pelephone, and Golan Telecom on data amounts, speeds, pricing, and extras to help select the best plan based on connectivity needs locally and abroad.

Mobile Internet in Israel

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Israel

Access to fast and reliable mobile internet is increasingly important in modern society, and Israel has invested heavily in expanding 4G networks to provide widespread data connectivity to its citizens.

1. Israel Mobile Internet Coverage

Israel Mobile Operators Coverage
Israel Mobile Operators Coverage

The must for navigation in Israel is to stay in touch with all the blazing-fast internet you can use in the circling busy cities, sharing breathtaking views and keeping in touch. Here’s a breakdown of Israel’s mobile internet landscape:

  • Cellcom has the best overall Coverage Experience in Israel, scoring 8.6 out of 10. This means Cellcom provides coverage in the places people live, work, and travel more so than any other operator.
  • Pelephone has the top 5G Coverage Experience with a score of 3.9/10. This indicates that Pelephone’s 5G network currently has the widest coverage footprint when users are in areas with 5G connectivity.
  • All four major operators – Cellcom, Hot Mobile, Partner, and Pelephone – achieve very high levels of network availability nationwide. Cellcom and Pelephone lead slightly with 99.0-99.4% of the time having a 3G/4G/5G connection.
  • Coverage in rural and remote areas is generally reliable on at least one operator, thanks to nationwide 4G infrastructure rollouts. However, 5G coverage outside major cities is still patchy.

In summary, Israel’s mobile operators provide very extensive coverage nationally on 4G, while the 5G rollout expands coverage footprints in populated areas. Cellcom leads in overall network reach, with Pelephone ahead on nascent 5G coverage. Reliable indoor service is also widely available.

2. Israel Mobile Internet Speed

Israel Median Country Speeds April 2024
Israel Median Country Speeds April 2024. Source: Speedtest

Staying connected with blazing-fast internet is key for navigating bustling cities, sharing breathtaking photos, and staying in touch. Here’s what you need to know:

  • National Ranking: Israel ranks 55th globally for mobile internet speeds, with a median download speed of 43.33 Mbps.
  • Compared to neighbors: This places it ahead of most of its immediate neighbors. The country with the fastest mobile speeds is Jordan, which ranks 101st with speeds of 26.05 Mbps.
  • City Ranking: Tel Aviv has the fastest average mobile download speed of 49.21 Mbps, placing it in the top 150 cities globally.

So in conclusion, while Israel does not have the absolute fastest speeds compared to global leaders, its mobile internet is much faster than most other countries in the immediate region, and cities like Tel Aviv have mobile connectivity on par with many developed countries worldwide.

II. Mobile Internet in Israel: Connection options for tourists

Conquering Israel is even more rewarding with a reliable internet connection. Here’s a breakdown of popular mobile internet options in Israel for tourists:

Connection Option Pros Cons Price Range (USD)
Prepaid SIM Card Widely available upon arrival & throughout Israel. Flexible data plans & budget-friendly options. Easy to activate and use. Requires passport registration. Limited data packages might not suit heavy users. $10 - $40
eSIM Convenient - purchase online before your trip. Instant activation & multiple data plan options. No need for physical SIM cards. Requires a compatible phone. $6 - $19
Data Roaming Familiar option, no need for additional purchases. Extremely expensive data charges! Not recommended for budget travelers. Highly variable depending on carrier

Prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs offer the best value and flexibility for tourists. Choose the mobile internet options in Israel that best suits your phone, budget, and data usage needs.

Israel eSIM plans from provide excellent coverage throughout the country while saving you money compared to roaming charges from your home carrier. Our lightweight digital SIM cards are instantly delivered, allowing you to connect to LTE speeds as soon as you arrive. Plans start from just $6 for 1GB for short stays, up to 10GB for $19 for those traveling for a month or more.


Best of all, once your trip is over simply delete the eSIM profile with no hassle of returning a physical SIM card. For convenient connectivity during your Israel adventure, has you covered with high-speed data and reliable service throughout your journey.

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III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Israel

If you are dying to get into Israel, you don’t have to burn your mobile data to do so. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider when choosing the best mobile internet in Israel:

  • Purchase a prepaid SIM card at the airport or major carriers like Golan Telecom or Cellcom Israel. SIMs usually cost $10-20 and come with 1-2GB of data. Make sure your phone is unlocked to use a local SIM.
  • Consider a mobile hotspot rental if you need reliable data for multiple devices. Rates are around $10-20 per day.
  • Budget $10-20 per GB as a rough guideline for cellular data costs in Israel. Prices vary by provider and data plan.

Knowing exactly how much data you need and how long you will stay in Israel, will allow you to compare the different package plans offered by different providers, so you can select the best mobile internet options in Israel that suit your budget. 

IV. Best mobile operators in Israel

Choosing the right mobile operator in Israel depends on your priorities. Here’s a breakdown of the top players to help you find the ideal fit:

Operator Price range for SIM (USD) Data Additional Features
Pelephone $5-15 1-5 GB per month WiFi hotspots, music/video streaming discounts
Cellcom $5-10 2-8 GB per month International calls, device insurance
Partner $3-10 1-3 GB per month Device upgrades, roaming in Europe
Hot Mobile $5-10 3-5 GB per month Device discounts, WhatsApp/social media bundles

Pelephone reigns supreme for speed and extensive coverage, ideal for those who prioritize staying connected seamlessly. Cellcom offers a reliable middle ground. Partner or Hot Mobile caters to budget travelers with lighter data needs who prioritize affordability.


What type of mobile internet plans are available?

Common plan types include prepaid plans where you pay as you go, postpaid plans with a monthly bill, data-only plans if you already have a phone number, and family/shared plans to bundle multiple lines together. Plans are available for both smartphones and basic feature phones.

Is 5G available in Israel?

Yes, 5G service has been rolled out by the major providers. However, 5G coverage is still limited to major cities at this point. 5G-enabled phones are required to access the faster speeds.

What is the quality of the cellular networks?

In general, Israel has very high-quality cellular coverage even in remote areas, thanks to regulatory requirements. However, speeds may be slower in rural settings. The major cities generally have excellent 4G LTE coverage from all providers.

How fast is the mobile internet speed in Israel?

Mobile internet speeds in Israel are generally very good. All major networks now offer high-speed 4G/LTE coverage in major cities. Average 4G download speeds are between 20-50Mbps in urban areas but can reach over 100Mbps in some locations. Coverage and speeds are a bit lower in rural areas.

How can I get the best value mobile internet in Israel?

To get the best value, compare plans carefully from the different operators, consider budget prepaid plans if you only need a small amount of data, ask about student/senior discounts, and look for bundled plans if you need multiple lines. It also helps to avoid unused data allowances each month.

VI. Conclusions

In conclusion, choosing the best mobile internet in Israel requires weighing factors like data, speed, coverage, and price against your needs and budget. Research the various options from major providers and MVNOs to select the most suitable affordable plan that will satisfy your mobile data usage anywhere in the country.