Need to use your phone in Israel but don’t want huge roaming fees? This guide provides tips on affordable data options like local SIM cards and app workarounds. You’ll learn how to connect and share photos from your travels without costing a fortune on your wireless bill.

Data Roaming in Israel

I. Understand Data Roaming in Israel

Roaming in Israel 2

If you are planning a visit to Israel as a tourist, it’s important to understand how roaming charges work in the country. Roaming refers to using your mobile phone abroad by connecting to a local network instead of your home network. Most countries charge roaming fees which can be expensive if you are not aware.

Israel is no exception and roaming charges do apply for visitors coming from other countries. However, since 2019 there have been some key changes brought about by new EU regulations that impact roaming in Israel.

  • If you are coming from an EU country, you will benefit from the EU roaming regulations. This means you won’t pay any additional roaming charges compared to at home when using your mobile in Israel. All calls, SMS, and data will be deducted from any existing plans as if you were in your home country.
  • For non-EU visitors, roaming charges still apply when using a mobile network in Israel. Call rates are generally around $3-5 per minute and data costs $10-20 per megabyte. SMS messages are usually $0.50-1 each.

In summary, research roaming options in advance if traveling to Israel from outside the EU to avoid expensive roaming charges on your mobile bill. Proper planning can save you many unnecessary roaming costs.

II. Roaming Charges in Israel

The Roaming Charges in Israel are very complex. The whole process of research took a lot of effort because of the numerous Operators. We will be with you on the way to check those charges before you are going to this country.

1. How to Check Roaming Charges Before Your Travel To Israel

The point is, you can be in touch with your phone when you are in Israel, but roaming charges can destroy your travel budget. Here are a few tips for checking roaming charges before traveling to Israel:

  • Contact Your Carrier: The most effective way to master the idea of roaming charges is to talk to your mobile carrier. They can offer you data usage rates in Israel.
  • Check Your Plan: Assess your current phone plan to see if it contains any international roaming services or data allowances for Israel.
  • Explore Online Resources: A lot of mobile carriers have online platforms where you can get the roaming rates for the particular countries of your choice. Besides, routers with roaming calculators can also help you to estimate the potential cost of your data usage.

Getting to know the case of roaming charges in Israel is an important thing to do to avoid a nasty surprise on your phone bill. Talk to your carrier, check your plan, and consult online sources to make sure you are perfectly prepared before your Israeli trip.

2. Roaming Charges in Israel by USA Mobile Operators

Check each carrier’s website for up-to-date details on roaming allowance amounts and fees beyond the included limits. Some carriers charge per-Mb fees for excess data usage:

Mobile Operator Calls (per minute) Text Data (per MB)
T-Mobile $0.25 Unlimited $0.01
AT&T $1.79 $0.50 $2.05
Verizon $1.79 $0.50 $2.05

So in summary, the big 3 U.S. carriers allow for no-cost cellular use in Israel, with potential fees only for exceeding allowance amounts or international calls/texts. Speeds may be slower than domestic use though.

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Israel

Being connected while traveling internationally is important, but roaming charges from your mobile carrier can put a dent in your travel budget. If you’re planning a trip to Israel, here are some of the best ways to avoid costly roaming fees:

1. Purchase an Israel eSIM plan from


The number one way to avoid roaming charges in Israel is to purchase an eSIM data plan specifically meant for travelers from a local provider. Websites like offer affordable eSIM plans for short-term usage in Israel without any roaming charges.

Especially for short trips of up to 30 days, an Israel eSIM makes the most economic sense. Plans from start from as low as $6 for 1GB valid for 7 days. You get instant SIM delivery via email and easy setup on compatible devices. Using a local physical or eSIM prevents your home carrier from identifying you’re roaming abroad.

Leave your physical SIM behind
Travel light with a digital SIM from!

2. Rent a pocket WiFi device

If you’re traveling in a group, renting a pocket WiFi device is a convenient option. Services like Govroam offers rental WiFi hotspots available for pickup at airports. This allows everyone to connect without worrying about data limits or roaming fees on each device. However, WiFi rental costs more than an eSIM for an individual.

3. Use hotel/ cafe Free WiFi

Most hotels, cafes, and restaurants in major Israeli cities offer free WiFi that you can use to message, email, and browse without cellular data. Be sure to ask for passwords when possible. However, not all locations have reliable coverage.

4. Turn off cellular data abroad

Before your trip, contact your carrier and ask them to temporarily suspend your international roaming capabilities. This prevents accidental data use abroad that may cause bill shock later. Rely only on WiFi for connectivity while traveling.

5. Consider a global roaming add-on

Some carriers offer global roaming add-ons or international plans at fixed daily rates which are still cheaper than paying per MB rates. Check if your provider has any such options to make roaming more affordable in approved countries like Israel.

In conclusion, purchasing a local eSIM plan like from is likely the most cost-effective option for travelers looking to avoid roaming charges completely during short trips to Israel. Let me know if you need any other travel tips!

IV. FAQs about Roaming in Israel

Will I be charged roaming fees for phone calls in Israel?

Yes, you will likely be charged international roaming rates by your home provider for any phone calls made in Israel. The best way to avoid this is to use VoIP calling apps on WiFi that don’t use your cellular minutes.

How much will data cost on roaming in Israel?

Most carriers charge $5-10 per MB for data used while roaming internationally. This can add up quickly. An eSIM plan from ensures you stay within fixed monthly data allowances at local Israeli rates.

Will an eSIM work in all areas of Israel?

Yes, reputable eSIM providers like use Israel’s nationwide cellular networks to offer coverage across the country including remote areas. However, speeds may be slower in some rural pockets.

How do I avoid accidental roaming usage?

Turn off cellular data and enable airplane mode before you leave. Enable WiFi calling if possible. Purchase an eSIM plan to avoid identifying as an international roaming customer on Israel’s networks.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, being aware of data costs and planning usage is key to avoiding expensive roaming charges in Israel. With some preparation like choosing an affordable plan or SIM, and using WiFi when possible, travelers can stay connected without hassle or bill shock. Following a few easy tips allows visitors to leverage cellular data and enjoy all Israel has to offer from navigation to sharing experiences online.