Partner SIM Card and eSIM are some of the best considerable mobile operators when traveling to Israel. It offers a wide range of mobile plans at competitive prices.  In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting connected with a Partner SIM Card or eSIM during your Israel trip.

partner SIM Card & eSIM

1. Quick facts about Partner

Partner is a leading communications operator in Israel, providing a broad range of communications services. Here are some key facts about Partner.

  • Founded in 1999.
  • Provide prepaid SIM cards, local and international plans, and eSIM service
  •  About 2.9 million subscribers.
  • Network coverage extends to over 90% of the country in Israel.
  • Uses the 3G, 4G, and 5G networks with excellent coverage nationwide
  • SIM cards and plans can be purchased at Partner stores, retailers, Ben Gurion airport, and online
  • Connectivity options include pay-as-you-go, unlimited data/voice bundles, and roaming packs

Overall, Partner is a good choice for mobile users in Israel. It offers a wide range of mobile plans at competitive prices, and it has good network coverage. 

Partner SIM Card and eSIM for tourists

2. Israel Partner Coverage and Speed in Israel

Cellular and broadband connectivity continues to improve for Israeli residents and businesses thanks to initiatives by telecom providers. An analysis of coverage & speed in Israel follows.

2.1. Partner Coverage in Israel

Israel Mobile Operators Coverage
Israel Mobile Operators Coverage. Source: nperf

Based on the mobile network experience report for Israel from Opensignal for December 2023, here is what can be said about Partner’s coverage:

  • Partner places second outright for Coverage Experience, with a score of 8.0 out of 10. This indicates that Partner provides coverage across a high proportion of places where users live, work, and travel within Israel and would reasonably expect coverage. However, it is marginally behind outright winner Cellcom, which scored 8.6.
  • For the new 5G Coverage Experience metric, Partner places third with a score of 2.4 out of 10. This shows that 5G coverage from Partner extends to a moderate proportion of locations throughout Israel as of this reporting period. Partner trails outright winner Pelephone (3.9) in 5G coverage.
  • Partner has an Availability score of 98.4%, meaning its network (across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G) was available for connection 98.4% of the time based on measurements from Opensignal users. This places Partner third behind joint leaders Hot Mobile and Pelephone (both 99.4%).

So in summary, the report shows Partner provides widespread mainstream mobile coverage across Israel but lags slightly behind leaders Cellcom and Pelephone for overall and 5G-specific coverage metrics respectively. Its network is highly available when coverage is present.

2.2. Partner speed

Israel Mobile Operators Speed
Israel Mobile Operators Speed. Source: Opensignal

Based on the December 2023 Israel Mobile Network Experience Report from Opensignal, here is what can be said about Partner’s speeds:

  • For 5G Download Speed, Partner placed second with an average speed of 283.9 Mbps. However, this result was within the confidence interval of first-place winner Hot Mobile, indicating the results were statistically similar.
  • Partner did not place first in any other speed metrics, like 5G Upload Speed, Download Speed Experience, or Upload Speed Experience.
  • Partner’s Download Speed Experience result of 33.0 Mbps placed it third out of the four operators, behind winner Pelephone (36.1 Mbps) and Cellcom (31.6 Mbps). However, Partner’s result was within the confidence interval of Cellcom.
  • For Upload Speed Experience, Partner placed third with an average of 7.9 Mbps. This result was within the confidence interval of second place Hot Mobile and winner Pelephone.

So in summary, while Partner showed competitive 5G download speeds close to the leader, it did not place first in any speed metrics according to this report. Its download speeds on both 5G and overall networks were mid-range compared to competitors in Israel.

3. Partner connectivity options for travelers to Israel

Here are some main connectivity options from Partner mobile operator for tourists.

Connectivity Options Features Validity Ideal For
SIM Cards Prepaid SIM cards for unlocked phones 60-90 days Pay-as-you-go service on unlocked devices
Top-up with credits for usage
Tourist SIM Cards Special prepaid SIMs with bonus credits and data bundles 1 week to 1 month Short-term travelers needing connectivity
Local calling, texts to Israel numbers, and mobile data
Unlimited Data Plans Prepaid plans with unlimited data, calls, and texts in Israel 30-day validity Longer visits to control costs and avoid overages
Options with unlimited 4G/5G data
International Roaming Add roaming capabilities for calls, texts, and data abroad Varies by package Travelers going outside Israel and need roaming services
Roam in 100+ countries with prepaid data packs
eSIM Service Digital SIM profiles for eSIM compatible phones Activates over-the-air Travelers with eSIM-compatible devices and dual SIM needs
Activates after online sign-up and verification

Please note that the specific details, pricing, and availability of these options may vary. It is always recommended to visit Partner stores or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information and to choose the option that best suits your needs.

4. Best Partner SIM cards for tourists & cost

Partner Prepaid SIM Data Validity Calling & Texting Price (USD)
Bigtalk Unlimited 10GB data volume within Israel 7 days Unlimited calls and messages within Israel (5000 Minutes within Israel + 5000 SMS within Israel) ~$13
70GB data volume within Israel 30 days Unlimited calls and messages within Israel (3000 Minutes within Israel + 3000 SMS within Israel) ~$16
100GB data volume within Israel 30 days Unlimited calls and messages in Israel (5000 Minutes within Israel + 5000 SMS within Israel) ~$27
150GB data volume within Israel 30 days Unlimited calls and messages within Israel ~$38
200GB data volume within Israel 30 days Unlimited calls and messages within Israel ~$40
200GB data volume within Israel 30 days Unlimited calls and messages within Israel ~$44

If you are planning to use a lot of data, you may want to purchase an eSIM from other providers such as They typically offer more affordable data plans than Partner.

5. Does Partner Israel support eSIM?

Yes, Partner offers Partner eSIM service in Israel for smart watches from Apple and Samsung models currently. Partner eSIM costs 14.9 INS/month (~$4 USD).

Please check eSIM Compatible Device List to know whether your devices compatible with eSIM or not before purchasing.

6. Where can you buy a Partner SIM card and eSIM?

Acquiring a Partner SIM card or eSIM is easy – you have several options depending on your location and needs.

6.1 Where to Buy Partner SIM Cards for Israel

Here are a few options for buying Partner SIM cards for use in Israel:

  • Partner Stores – Partner is one of the major mobile networks in Israel. You can purchase their SIM cards directly from Partner retail stores located throughout the country. Look for their branded stores in major cities and towns.
  • Online Partner Store – Partner operates an online store where you can purchase SIM cards and plans. They offer international shipping as well. Visit the official website and use an English translation tool if needed.
  • Cellcom Stores – While Cellcom is another major carrier, they also sell Partner SIM cards in their retail locations. This can be more convenient than finding a Partner store.
  • Airport Kiosks – The Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv has kiosks and stores where you can purchase SIM cards upon arrival, including from Partner.
  • Convenience Stores – Larger convenience store chains like Super-Pharm may carry Partner and other Israeli SIM cards for purchase.
  • Online Retailers – Some international mobile retailers ship Partner SIM cards to other countries. Check sites like Amazon where third-party sellers may offer them for delivery worldwide.

Be sure to review Partner’s plans and packages online in advance to choose the right SIM and connectivity option for your needs in Israel. Having a local Partner SIM will allow you to stay connected more affordably during your visit.

Partner store to buy sim card and esim

6.2. Where to buy Israel eSIM:

  • Online: Buy from platforms and websites, that provide a convenient way to purchase and activate your eSIM remotely.
  • Mobile Network Operators: Contact Partner network operators in Israel. They may offer eSIM services and can provide you with the necessary instructions and access to purchase an eSIM.
  • Retail Stores: Visit authorized stores or outlets of mobile network operators in Israel. 

7. How to activate Israel Partner SIM card and eSIM

Once you obtain Partner SIM card and eSIM, whether prepaid or rental, it will need to be activated before use on the network. The activation process generally involves:

7.1. How to use Israel Partner SIM card

You only need to follow these simple steps and your Partner SIM card will be ready.

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, the SIM card will be pre-activated
  4. Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  5. Check your services.

7.2. How to activate Israel Partner eSIM

Getting started with a Partner eSIM for Israel is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

8. Israel Partner Call & SMS rates

Take a look to the Partner call ans SMS rates:

Call Type Rate (USD)
Calls to Partner Israel numbers $0.07/min
Calls to other Israeli numbers $0.14/min
Incoming calls $0.03/min
Video calls $0.82/min
Standard national SMS $0.06
SMS delivery abroad $0.17

(Rates subject to change, check Partner website for latest)

9. Useful USSD codes for Israel Partner SIM/eSIM

Here are some useful USSD codes that can be dialed on your Partner SIM/eSIM in Israel:

  • Customer service: *111.
  • Check your balance: *111#
  • check your phone number: *054#

You can dial these USSD codes from the phone dialer by entering * followed by the code. Make sure to include the # at the end.

10. How to top-up Israel Partner SIM/eSIM

Here are a few ways to top up an Israel Partner SIM/eSIM:

  • Online via credit/debit card on Partner website/app
  • Vouchers – Purchase top-up vouchers locally and redeem PIN code
  • Cash payments at Partner stores and many retailer locations
  • Auto top-up – Set a payment method to automatically refill when the balance is low.

Using the Partner site/app, ATMs, or stores for quick, easy top ups. Have your SIM serial number handy when topping up online or through transfers.

11. Alternatives to Israel Partner

If you want to try other mobile operator’s products, there are some options for you: 

  • Cellcom – Second largest provider, also with strong nationwide 4G coverage.
  • Golan Telecom – Low-cost brand using Cellcom’s network.
  • Hot Mobile – One of the main major networks in Israel, with lower rates, and prepaid plans.
  • Xfone – Smaller provider with competitive prepaid options.
  • – Provide eSIM data plans that allow you to stay connected in Israel without changing your physical SIM card.

Get your Israel eSIM now and stay connected seamlessly during your trip. Buy an affordable data package and activate flexible roaming in just a few taps. No more hassles with physical SIM cards – simply scan and go online instantly anywhere in Israel. Choose from 7 or 30-day plans starting at only $6. What are you waiting for? Order your eSIM today!

Leave your physical SIM behind, travel light with a digital SIM from!

12. FAQs

Does Partner offer 5G service?

Yes, Partner has launched 5G service in selected areas of major cities. Coverage is still limited but expanding.

Can I roam internationally on Partner?

Yes, pay-as-you-go roaming packs are available to add international service. Rates vary by country.

Does my unlocked phone work on Partner?

Most modern unlocked phones are compatible with Partner’s network bands. Confirm phone frequencies before purchase.

Can I recharge my Israeli Partner SIM card internationally?

Yes, the Partner website and app allow online recharging from abroad with a credit/debit card.

Are there any activation or unlocking fees?

No, Partner prepaid SIM cards and eSIM do not have activation, unlocking, or connection fees.

13. Conclusion

Partner provides excellent connectivity options for tourists in Israel through prepaid SIM cards and tourist SIM plans. Their nationwide 4G LTE network, high speeds, and good value make them a top pick for hassle-free cell service while traveling. Check their latest prepaid deals to find the best fit for staying connected as you explore Israel’s incredible sights and experiences.